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Destination versus Convenience.

In the retail sector there are basically two types of stores,.....destination and convenience.

Contrary to popular belief, packaged ice is not really a convenience store item. Packaged ice is actually a destination store item, as a consumer makes a conscious decision to purchase packaged ice before they leave home.

The service station and convenience store distribution model that exists in Australia has only really evolved by default, as it is the easiest way for packaged ice manufacturers to distribute their product.

The price, freshness, and convenience of the ice sold at an Ice House outlet, makes the Ice House a destination in itself.

Ice House Site

Site Selection.

With the Ice House Franchise Model, you are granted an exclusive area being an area within a 2.5 kilometre radius of the site of the machine, therefore the site needs to be selected before an order is placed for an Ice House, and before any franchise agreement is entered into.

While site selection is important, it is not of critical importance for the Ice House to be placed on a service station or convenience store site. These machines perform perfectly well on a stand alone basis, even on a vacant block if need be, as long as there is an opportunity to build awareness that the machine is there in the first place, and open for business.

Of course, a main road location helps, and convenience is also a large factor, but the Ice House is a proven drawcard, so don't be too over analytical when looking for sites. Sometimes a site can turn out to be goldmine, even though it did not look so good at the start.

You Know Your Area.

At da-ice®, we believe that you, as the potential franchisee, are in the best position to select the site as you would know your local area better than we ever could.

da-ice® is available to assist you with site selection if needed, and our phone advice is free.

Yes, we can find sites for you and organise the whole process, but of course this would come at an additional cost.

Factors that you should account for when selecting a site: