ice vending machines - a red hot business! Our ice vending machine ice, versus traditional packaged ice!

Ice Vending Machine Specifications

Size:L:6M * W:2.5M * H:2.6M
Trailer mounted - removable draw bar.
Ice Bin Capacity:3000kg
Ice Maker:da-ice® 2000kg tube ice maker
Approx Bag capacity (first day:)400
Electrical Supply:3 phase, 25 amps
Text Notification System:Standard - 2 inputs + power failure input. Can interface with security alarm.
Filtration:Standard - Sediment + Taste/Odour. Others available.
Note Acceptor:Optional Extra
Security Alarm:Optional Extra
Security Cameras:Optional Extra

Ice House Product Details

The packaged ice business, despite its lack of glamour, is a $4 billion industry in the USA. Due to the lack of clear data, the size of the market in Australia is only really known by the very few major players who dominate the industry.

From our experience operating ice vending machines over our first few years, the market in Australia is monumentally huge! We have only just scratched the surface by mainly operating our first 16 ice vending machines in and around Newcastle in regional NSW. The potential for da-ice® Ice Vending Machines in and around metropolitan areas just defies imagination.

Being a fairly antiquated industry, that 5KG bag of ice purchased at the service station for up to $5 has travelled from regional ice plants that mass produce bags of ice and distributes them to specific territories. This method is subject to ever increasing fuel and distribution costs, human error and the potential damage to the end product due to distribution and handling. The da-ice® Ice Vending Machine solves all of these problems.

The da-ice Ice Vending Machine is a trailer mounted cool room that produces, stores, bags and vends ice to the consumer in an automated fashion. The da-ice® Ice Vending Machine vends 9kg of bulk ice or 7kg of bagged ice typically for just $2.99!

Our vending ice machine is capable of producing and delivering more than 400 7kg bags of ice per day and can be configured to double productivity in areas of high demand. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the product is always fresh, individually chipped cubes.

Due to it's superior storage capacity, our ice vending machine can take advantage of "off peak" electricity tariffs and cooler ambient temperatures that apply during night time hours. As such power bills are reduced significantly compared to other vending ice machines in the market.

 Our ice vending machines are equipped with an industrial PC'c that logs the amount sales.You can log-in and check your sales in real-time and trigger free vends to customers in the event of a coin jam. If a problem occurs, the system will automatically text the owner or maintenance technician and notify them of the problem.

Our latest accessory is a sunlight readable display in conjunction with a credit card reader so we can now take payment via credit cards.

The da-ice® Ice Vending Machine is the Australian ice vending machine, built for Australian conditions. Just ask our franchisee in Lightning Ridge, NSW where it is regularly over 40 degrees!

The smaller ice vending machines that are now around hold very little ice in storage and as such they need to make ice "on the run", which usually corresponds with the times that electricity is priced at its most expensive.



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