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Ice vending machines have been around since about the late 1990's. The first ice vending machines were very small stand-alone machines that were primarily suitable for indoor use. They are still commonly seen today at places like small yacht clubs, indoor sporting venues and motels. They can fit into a small indoor space.

These earlier types of ice vending machines only dispense a small amount of ice. The user has to provide their own container for the ice and sometimes there will be a roll of plastic bags provided adjacent to the machine for this purpose.

Operation of these types of ice vending machines is not very sophisticated. Exact change is usually required as they are not equipped with a coin changer. Spillage of the ice is common and the fault rate on these types of machines is quite high, due to the small nature of the parts inside.

They are very susceptible to dirt and require regular cleaning. Water quality is of the utmost importance, as scale and contamination is the major factor effecting performance. They have very limited storage capacity and as such the ice supply is depleted very quickly in times of high demand.

These machines are not designed for outdoor use as the ice maker capacity is only rated for room temperature (20 degrees Celsius). Any temperature above this causes the ice maker output to be seriously effected.

These types of ice vending machines do have a place in the market and would be handy in places of low demand where ultra convenience is required, such as a motel or small apartment block.

Later Ice Vending Machinesice house america ice vending machine

From about the early 2000's, large ice vending machines started to appear around Southern Georgia in the USA. Invented by a group of cotton farmers, these machines were fully automated and could dispense bagged and bulk ice automatically without any human intervention. These machines become know as an "Ice House".

Full commercialisation of the idea started about the mid 2000's, and since then the Ice House has revolutionised the packaged ice industry in the USA. This business became what is now know as Ice House America, and today over 2500 Ice House ice vending machines have been installed in the USA. This is still only  a small amount compared with the potential market in the USA.

Ice vending machines have a natural advantage over the traditional packaged ice business model as the transport component is eliminated.

Other types of machines have now followed, with new companies being formed to cash in on this new bonanza industry call Ice Vending. Some of these new companies have been started by ex-staff members of Ice House America, and others have been started by people involved in general machine automation.

Spurred on by the success of Ice House America, the new smaller operators are all trying to get a slice of the "ice vending pie", and some of the newer machinery available does have a place in the market, but for reasons outlined on this website you will find that the Ice House is truly the market leader when it comes to ice vending machines.

Ground Floor Opportunities with this vending machines.

Vending Machines Australia

Investors and entrepreneurs rarely get a chance to get in on the ground floor. But this is your chance to invest in one of the most successful businesses ideas in recent history that has already demonstrated such a tremendous track record in the USA and Australia.

If you are considering purchasing an ice vending machine please contact us first, and find out about the new way to make money with ice vending.

There are two ways that you can become involved and begin to profit with da-ice®.
Become an Ice House owner by buying vending machines.

da-ice® machine owners have a unique opportunity to supplement their income with low overhead and minimal time commitment. Perhaps you're close to retirement, or maybe you need extra income for a growing family. It's simple:

  • Purchase a franchise for one or more Ice Vending Machines.
  • Purchase or lease a small plot of land (or part of a busy parking lot).
  • Arrange for electricity, water, and a sim card for the machines computer.
  • There are no supplies except plastic bags and twist ties.
  • No employees are necessary to be on-site. The da-ice® ice machine requires very little maintenance.
  • Average initial investment for 1 ice machine is approximately $139,000 + GST.

Most businesses and land owners can benefit from an Ice Vending Machine being located close to them, because the sale of ice through da-ice®vending machines is so attractive to the consumer.

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