Business Success in the Ice Vending Machine Business Ice Vending Machine Business in a pub car park.

The original ice vending machine business on the side of the Pacific Highway Gateshead NSW.

Ice Vending Machine business in a BP service station.

About da-ice®

Herington Corporation Australia Pty Ltd acquired the Australian manufacturing and distribution rights to the Ice House America® Ice House in 2006. In Australia they were initially marketed as Ice House Australia - Twice the Ice. In 2009 we changed the branding to da-ice®.

The da-ice® Ice House Vending Machine is the only machine on the market that is made in Australia specifically suited to the harsh Australian conditions. From our experience any smaller size machine cannot work effectively in this market.

We were the first company to be involved in the bagged ice vending machine business in Australia, and no one else has more experience than us. We operated the machines ourselves for over a year to prove the business model, before we ever offered our ice vending machines for sale to third parties. We spent time properly developing our franchise system, to guarantee our longevity so as to provide back-up service and spare parts to our franchisees well into the future.

We are here for the long haul with a proven track record, so watch out for the fast talkers with limited technical ability who just want to sell you a dud machine and make a quick buck.

Our first ice vending machine business was opened at Gateshead NSW in October 2006,and has proven to be a huge success with an almost tribal following among customers. Nine more units were built up until the end of 2008, mostly with components imported from Ice House America. All installed units are proving very popular in the areas they are located.

Over the course of 2009, a new model was conceived and a prototype was constructed in an effort to make the machines more suitable to the Australian market. Still based on the Ice House America product, the new machine is smaller in physical size, while still maintaining the same ice capacity of the previous unit. It is also trailer mounted for easy movability, and now most parts are manufactured in Australia. Our ice vending machine business is now well proven, and you will see them popping up every where in the next few years.

It is the mission of da-ice® to revolutionise the production and sale of recreational ice through the introduction of a self-contained ice plant that produces, stores, bags and sells ice utilising a vending machine concept. The result will be the ability to provide consumers with a better ice product, at a lower cost, more efficiently than ever before.

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