Vending Machine Locations
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Bennetts Green, NSW
Pacific Highway
Kemps Creek, NSW
1469 Elizabeth Drive
Newcastle West, NSW
BP Parry Street
Raymond Terrace, NSW
Port Stephens St
Toronto, NSW
Day Street
Wallsend, NSW
Robert Street
Warners Bay, NSW
Warners at the Bay Hotel

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A revolution in the ice business - ice vending.

Ice Business....

The ice business can be very lucrative and the machinery manufactured by da-ice® is changing the face of the ice industry in Australia.

You too can participate in this revolution within the ice business, by purchasing the only truly successful ice vending machine in Australia - the da-ice® Ice House.

The da-ice® Ice House produces, bags and vends ice to customers automatically, with this revolutionary approach forever changing the way bagged and bulk ice is sold.

The da-ice® Ice House is made under licence from Ice House America LLC, and it has been specifically adapted to suit the Australian market.

If you a looking to enter the ice business, you can stop looking now! The da-ice® Ice House is the perfect business, and we have an ice business for sale, anywhere you want to locate one!

Ice Business in a Service Station
Ice Business in a Commercial Area
Ice Business in a Bottle Shop Car Park

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Visit the Ice House America Website

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